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Corona admission conditions:

There are no Covid-19 restrictions.


Does the tour also take place in bad weather?

Yes, in any weather.


How long does the tour last?

Approx. 1.5 hours including big cat training.


Is the tour only outside?

Yes, apart from a few indoor moments (e.g. stables, museum)


Can I come with a walker/wheelchair?

Yes, but only with help.


When do children have to pay?

From 3 years old.


is there parking

Yes, in front of the farm on our own parking lot, free of charge.


Are tickets sold on site?

In exceptional cases yes, tickets are sold at 


What are the conditions of the locations?

Paths are flat, gravel roads, with some grassy hills.


What footwear should I wear?

Sturdy shoes are recommended, if rain is forecast on the day of your booking,

rain boots are advised.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, but please only on a leash.

do you have toilets?

Yes we have toilets, we also offer wheelchair-accessible toilets.

Is there a baby changing facility?


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